Recently we found ourselves needing to move across Auckland from our base in Mt.Albert to Coastville. With a house full of stuff and a large storage unit full of tiling gear, we needed help! Luckily, we knew exactly who to call. Jaime from Pro Moving Services. He runs a very tight ship and is one of the best auckland movers in the industry. I had Jaime on the line within 5 minutes and had him booked for the day.

Jaime wrote an account of his day with us, you can read his work diary below.

In this job diary we’re talking about Noelle and their moving project located in Mt. Albert Auckland. They had about two truck loads full of stuff to transport all across Auckland and a very limited amount of time to do it. As usual scheduling was a mess thanks to a number of factors I won’t bother to go into. The fact of the matter was that they needed everything shifted in one day and so they called upon the most reliable Auckland moving company to ever grace Aotearoa.

We had a good deal on that week however with some clever maneuvering and pulling in a favour and passing a lead onto another nearby
furniture mover mate of ours, we managed to fit Noelle in and make them our
most important priority. We all got families and basic humans needs so it’s easy to relate to the dilemma taking place and pulling in all the stops to support another person out. This sort of thing happens all the time in the moving industry and since a lot of our jobs are like this, we have developed a quick and smooth west auckland movers service to ensure no time is lost during the move.

Pro Moving Services To The Rescue!

Having cleared up our timetable we learned that we could drop in and deliver our well known Auckland Movers services earlier than predicted. Very first thing the next day in fact, little wonder really – much to Noelle’s pleasure. In some cases its the small things that makes being a Auckland house mover well worth it. Witnessing the smiles on their faces made dropping some work and pulling favours easier to swallow.

Upon seeing the project we saw exactly why nobody else was considered for the job. The access to the home was done by some goof and it was all wrong. No truck could fit past the massive Kauri trees that were growing so close to the driveway. With access blocked we would have to walk further than necessary. Joy of joys. At least Noelle was onto it and had everything packed into sturdy cardboard boxes and everything was neatly labeled. As a Auckland furniture mover its always nice to see people organised and ready for the move.

Go forward a couple of hours and we got most of the initial work taken care of and pretty much ready for the real work to begin. We had a couple sturdy swamp kauri coffee tables and cupboards to shift into the truck and boy did they stress our muscles a bit. Didn’t help that the driveway was so steep. We just stuck in and got into our moving zone. Time really does fly when you’re working hard and paying attention to the task at hand. It stops your mind from wandering and thinking unnecessary things like the what should I buy the missus or pondering life’s great mysteries like should I buy Woodies or Lion Red tonight? Sometimes digging in is a good thing, saves us from silly thoughts.

Auckland Movers

By getting the furniture all sorted we could finally settle in to the real work and start the first drive across Auckland. All said and done, the work we had to do wasn’t hard, it was just time-
consuming with two trips across Auckland in Saturday traffic. As usual there was a bottle neck over at the Westgate end of the motorway. Some loon in a BMW M5 nearly crashed into my truck after flooring it into a gap and a white pick up tried to drag race me up the hill and I think he over boosted his turbo as he pulled over immediately after and was tapping his boost gauge.

By 6pm we had the second lot unpacked and were heading back to get the load from the storage unit. That managed to fit in one load and so by 8pm we had everything moved and were on our way home. A solid days work and most importantly we got it all done in one day as originally intended. That’s what you get when you move with the best!